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What's Next?

CFCU & You...

It's a partnership!

You took the step to open an account with Chiropractic Federal Credit Union (CFCU), and now let's work together to determine what's next? Your participation will play an important role in helping us grow and to continue to support Chiropractic in Michigan and Minnesota. We are dedicated to moving Chiropractic forward by providing superior personal and business products to our members, and through our partnerships with the MAC and MCA. We are committed to the ongoing growth and success of your credit union...and we need the participation of our members to do so.

CFCU was created 63 years ago when no one else would lend to Chiropractors. We take pride in building relationships one member at a time, and developing financial programs for doctors, staff and family members.

What's Next For You?

CFCU is here to help you grow your business and to improve your personal financial life. Consider this:

  • If you choose, keep your checking account local, but obtain a CFCU VISA Gold credit card. We have CHIROPRACTIC prominently displayed on our VISA card to promote YOUR profession.
  • Refinance higher-rate personal or business loans that you have at another lender with a low-rate CFCU loan. We can do that!
  • Make CFCU your choice for financing when you are in the market for a new loan.
  • Or, if you are tired of high bank fees, open a CFCU checking account and enjoy all of our convenient services – debit card, online banking, e-statements, shared branches, and more.
  • Open a ChiroKids or ChiroTeen account for your children or grandchildren.
  • Invest and save with a Monday Market or a Certificate Account.

These are just some of the services available to you as a CFCU member. We need our members' participation in products and we ask "what's next" for you?

Help us keep our legacy alive by supporting your credit union!

Click here to apply for a CFCU loan.
Call 800-422-6424 and we'll be happy to assist you.

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