Who Can Join

Membership with Chiropractic Federal Credit Union is available to licensed Chiropractors in the state of Michigan; employees of Chiropractors; members of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association; members of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association; members of the Alaska Chiropractic Society; and all immediate family members.

In addition, when you've established your CFCU membership, you can enjoy lifetime membership because our policy is "once a member, always a member." No matter where you move or if you change employers, you can continue to maintain your account and participate in all of the services available.

Are you interested in joining a financial institution that support Chiropractic? In order to have an account at CFCU, you must be included in our Field of Membership. If you currently don't qualify, we suggest that you contact the Chiropractic association in your state and express your interest in them becoming a group sponsor so that you can qualify for membership. For additional information, association representatives can contact our office at 248-478-4020.

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