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Chiropractic Federal Credit Union (CFCU) is a not-for-profit member-supported financial institution, offering lower-cost banking and loan services to chiropractors, their employees and families.

We welcome all licensed Chiropractors in the State of Michigan, members of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC), members of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association (MCA); members of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA); members of the Alaska Chiropractic Society (ACS), and licensed Chiropractors who are members of their state associations affiliated with ChiroCongress (Congress of State Chiropractic Associations). We welcome their members to join our credit union and we support these fine organizations in their efforts to promote the chiropractic profession.

Our main office is located in Farmington, Michigan. We are able to support our state and nationwide members with shared-branch networks and ATMs, plus convenient online, mobile banking and office remote deposit services.

Convenient Services

We offer personal and business checking and savings accounts, including money market accounts, share certificates, IRAs and HSAs, as well as a variety of loan services (equipment loans, loans for new and used autos and other vehicles, home purchase and home equity loans), credit/debit cards, and more.

Chiropractors have been able to grow their businesses with access to CFCU low-rate loans for Chiropractic equipment, computers, and a full range of commercial real estate lending services.

Members enjoy the convenience of access to their accounts throughout Michigan and nationwide through surcharge-free ATMs and shared branches. Our It’s Me 247 online banking program allows members to make transactions from any computer with Internet access.

A Brief History: Founded BY Chiropractors FOR Chiropractors

Filling a Need

Chiropractic Federal Credit Union (CFCU) began in 1950 when a group of seven chiropractors who had been denied loans from other financial institutions decided to pool their resources. They formed a credit union to provide financial support to fellow chiropractors.

At that time, chiropractic had only been a profession for 17 years. Imagine trying to start a practice and get a loan from a financial institution that was probably unsure about what chiropractic even was. Most traditional lenders weren't familiar with the business needs of a new chiropractor trying to set up a practice, or an established chiropractor looking to expand.

That was the situation many DCs found themselves in, and a small group of them decided to do something about it.

Five original CFCU founding members

Five of the original seven founding members of Chiropractic Federal Credit Union, circa 1950. The total starting investment was just $35.

Humble Beginnings

The original fee to establish the charter was paid by a personal check drawn on the account of Dr. Carl Ege of Detroit, who at the time was the President of the Michigan State Chiropractic Society. Dr. Ege researched, conceived, and advanced the idea of a credit union for doctors of chiropractic, and he would become the organization’s first chairman.

At CFCU’s Organization Meeting, held in downtown Detroit on September 24, 1950, the total amount invested added up to a whopping $35 – share deposits of $5 from each of the seven original members!

From this modest beginning, CFCU quickly experienced tremendous growth. By the end of that first year, CFCU had 184 members with net assets of a little more than $20,500.

A Bright Future

As of 2021, CFCU reported 3,000 members and more than $42 million in total assets.

CFCU remains the only credit union of its kind in the nation. For more than seven decades, our mission has remained the same: “To provide the Chiropractic Family with a member-owned financial institution that invests in the promotion of Chiropractic through the support of the members’ business and personal financial needs.”

We Support Chiropractic

Created by our affiliate partner Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC), these short videos highlight how CFCU gives back to the chiropractic community and offers insight into our services and history. Includes CFCU member testimonials filmed at the MAC Annual Convention & Exhibition.

Meet Your Governing Members

CFCU is governed by a Board of Directors made up of elected CFCU members. They guide the credit union and develop policies and procedures to protect our members' accounts, the security of the credit union and it's future.

We recently asked the members of our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, fondly referred to as our “Official Family,” to consider and answer the following question: “Why do you serve CFCU?” Their answers, below, were highly thoughtful and thought-provoking.

Board of Directors

Dr. Eric Novak

Dr. Eric Novak, Chairman

“My passion to serve on the Board for the Chiropractic Federal Credit Union is derived from my desire to connect the financial needs of the practicing chiropractor with the innovative financial solutions the Chiropractic Federal Credit Union offers its members.”

Dr. Ryan Cooper

Dr. Ryan Cooper, Vice Chairman

“I serve the board of CFCU because I want to help chiropractors and members succeed in practice and in life! I hope to help students right out of college have all the tools they need to build the practice of their dreams!”

Dr. Robert Shaner

Dr. Robert Shaner, Treasurer

“I had a career in the banking industry before I went to Chiropractic College. When I was offered a position on the Board of CFCU, I was happy to accept. I support the chiropractic profession in many ways, and CFCU supports our chiropractic family in many important ways.”

Dr. John Smarch

Dr. John Smarch, Secretary

“Since making the decision several years ago to switch my business account to CFCU, we couldn’t be happier! The customer service is top notch and the loan process is effortless. Every Chiropractor and staff should be members! Then when I was asked to serve on the CFCU Board, I didn’t hesitate one minute! I’m very proud to have the honor to serve the Chiropractic profession in this fashion.”

Dr. Mark Bowers

Dr. Mark Bowers, Member

“Realizing the importance of the CFCU to our profession, I feel honored to serve on the Board of Directors.”

Dr. James Sheneman

Dr. James Sheneman, Member

“Chiropractic has been very good to me, and serving on the CFCU Board will allow me to give back to the profession I love! And, in some small way, help others achieve their goals.”

Dr. Andrea M. Whedon-Hulbert

Dr. Andrea M. Whedon-Hulbert, Member

“I serve on the CFCU board because this institution is for the betterment of the chiropractic profession. Whether a recent graduate or many years in practice, CFCU stands behind us for continued growth and sustainability of the profession.”

Supervisory Committee

Dr. Glenn Caudell

Dr. Glenn Caudell, Chairman

“When I graduated with large student loan debt and needed money to start my practice, CFCU was there to support me. I knew then that CFCU was essential for chiropractors – to have our own institution made up of a Board with the unique ability to understand our members. When I was asked to serve on the Board, I wanted to give back to an institution that had so generously given to me.”

Ms. Kristine Dowell

Ms. Kristine Dowell, Member

“It is a great pleasure to serve on the CFCU Supervisory Board and to be part of a dedicated, amazing team! CFCU is part of the MAC family, and I am committed to helping provide the best services possible to our member doctors, their families and staff. The chiropractic profession can be proud we have built such a powerful institution that has worked exclusively for us since 1950!”

Mr. Wes Hoffrichter

Mr. Wes Hoffrichter, Member

“It is an honor to serve on the CFCU Supervisory Committee! CFCU is a major player in the chiropractic industry and its importance is unparalleled. I am looking forward to helping this organization exceed its strategic goals and continue to be a rock-solid financial institution.”

Past Honored Members

Margie Brace

Ms. Margie Brace, Former Chairwoman

Margie Brace has retired after thirty years of dedicated service.

“In March 2016, it was my honor to have been chosen to serve as Chairwoman of Chiropractic Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors. I am especially excited to lead such a passionate, intelligent and dedicated group of volunteers whose sole purpose is to continue CFCU’s legacy of “Serving the Chiropractic Community since 1950."

Why do I serve? For me, the answer is simple. At CFCU, we build relationships. That’s my answer when people ask why CFCU is special and why they should join. We have great rates and programs, and a dedicated staff, but we build lasting relationships with our members. It’s what makes us different. I continue to be passionate and excited about the future of CFCU after many years of serving on the Board. That is why I serve!”

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