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Loan Rates

All rates listed are "As Low As" rates except for VISA credit cards, line of credit loans, and home equity loans.*

New Auto Loans
Term Relationship APR Fixed APR
24-36 months 6.75% 7.25%
37-48 months 7.29% 7.74%
49-60 months 7.59% 8.09%
Used Auto Loans
Year Relationship APR Fixed APR
2022 - 2019 8.49% 8.99%
Older 8.79% 9.29%
Classic 7.99% 8.74%
Chiropractic Equipment Loans
Term Fixed APR
New up to five years 8.00%
Used up to five years 8.49%
New Recreation Vehicle
Term Fixed APR
Up to five years 8.99%
61-144 months 9.59%
Used Recreation
Term Fixed APR
Up to five years 9.59%
61-144 months 10.59%
Unsecured Loan Special
Term Fixed Rate
12 Months 9.99%
13 to 36 Months 11.99%
37 to 60 Months 12.99%
Home Equity Loan
Call us for our current rate
Variable APR
Index - Prime Rate published in the WSJ
Prime Rate Effective 05/04/2023 8.50%
Share Pledge
Term Fixed APR
2 years 5.99%
3 years 5.99%
4 years 5.99%
5 years 6.24%
VISA Classic and Platinum
VISA Classic 13.8% APR
VISA Platinum 9.9% APR
Card Services 800-237-6211
Elite Express
Amount Relationship APR Fixed Rate
$5,000 minimum/$25,000 maximum 11.25% 11.50%
Revolving Credit/Overdraft Protection
Revolving Credit
14.9% APR
Minimum $500

Overdraft Protection
14.9% APR
Minimum $100 Maximum $5000
Relationship Discounts

We like to reward members who participate in credit union services by providing an interest rate discount on secured loans (vehicles & RVs) when you take advantage of multiple CFCU products and services.

  • Checking Account
  • Share Certificate
  • Active VISA Account
  • Mortgage or Home Equity Loan
  • Electronic Service Package (debit card, online banking and/or E-Statements)

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate, subject to change. Rates based on individual credit history (except for VISA credit cards, line of credit loans, and home equity loans), along with amount, model year and term of loan. Variable rates based on T-Bill, plus points determined by the term of the loan. Variable rates are subject to change quarterly.

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